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Wimborne A.C. Road Runners - October 2002


Race Victory for Saskia Its been a long time, but definitely worth waiting for – WAC Road Runners have a race winner - so well done to Saskia Eaton first lady in the Cranborne 10k. Saskia gained a one second advantage over the second placed lady (Jill Durham of Poole Runners) in a final sprint for the line. Saskia also had a great day at the St Catherine’s Hill relays where she ran the fastest leg for a senior lady, in the same event Max Lacy was the fastest junior male competitor.


A warm welcome to new WAC road runner, Lee Longmore who has become a regular running from QE on Thursdays over the last couple of months, and has also been out training with Denise. Her first race since signing up was the New Forest Half Marathon where she ran with Jill – hardly easing yourself in gently! Well done.


Morag – latestMorag is now back at home and continues to recover. She says that she is slowly getting stronger and has been swimming. Shirley has been to see her with details of training tips from Runners World. Keep up your spirits Morag, and hopefully it won’t be too long before you lace up your running shoes once again.


A big thank you to Denise who provided the venue and hospitality for the WAC Summer Barbecue, and ‘head chef’ Peter Impett. It was a great night with glorious weather. There was a good turn out of road runners there. We enjoyed a 4-5 mile run from Denise’s over to Canon Hill Plantation, Colehill.


Cross-Country – Wessex LeagueA new season is upon us, whatever happens surely we can do better than last year. The principle problem last year was the failure to consistently get complete teams in the races. The categories are as follows:  Seniors – Under 17 – Under 15 – Under 13. All of these categories are split male/female. The race distances involved vary for each category, the longest being the senior men at 8-9 km. All races are on Sundays. For the road runners these races would be an excellent way to sharpen up, and hopefully carry this speed forward to some of our longer races. We do have the personnel to do well in this series – so lets get stuck in! Last season we did particularly poorly in fielding runners in the younger age groups, although there were a couple of notable exceptions. The dates for the race series are as follows:


Race 1:   Salisbury 13th October           Race 3:   Newbury 8th December     Race 5:   Swindon 9th February

Race 2:   Hurn 10th November               Race 4:   Pewsey 12th January        Race 6:   Dorchester 9th March


Matt Hopkins turned out for the cross-country team a number of times last season, we have not seen much of him since, as he has spent the summer, once again, working with mentally and physically disabled people in an outdoor activity centre in Cornwall. Matt was recently awarded the Spirit of Adventure Trophy which recognises the student who has shown ‘the most drive, initiative and commitment’ by Kingston Maurward College, where he has spent the last two years studying Outdoor Leisure Management. All those qualities will come in handy for the new cross-country season. Well done, Matt.      


Enter here all ye who have no fear – The Grizzly – 9th March, 2003Entry forms for this awesome race are now available, you need to fill this in promptly to stand any chance of gaining a place in this event, generally the race limit is reached by mid-October. Axe Valley Runners have promise us that ‘the race/run/crawl will include the usual mix of roads, hills, track, hills, bog, hills, beach, hills and anything else we can find lying around’. This year’s Grizzly will reputedly be ‘about 19 miles’. ‘Go over, go under, go down, go round, go through, but never give up.’


London Marathon – 13th April, 2003The cut-off date for submitting your entry for the London Marathon gets nearer. Entries close on 18th October. Don’t miss out, there should be a few of us there. For anyone who fails to gain places through the ballot, there is also the allocation of two places, which allows another bite of the cherry. NOTE: IF YOU ARE REJECTED IN THE BALLOT FOR THE LONDON MARATHON YOU MUST CONTACT JERRY BY 5TH DECEMBER IN ORDER TO BE IN THE DRAW FOR ONE OF THE TWO CLUB PLACES. As in 2001 the draw for the two places will be made at the Road Runners’ Christmas meal.


Running Forever (or at least as long as possible!) – Bruce Tulloh Seminar in the Terrace Room, Littedown Centre – 12.30pm-6pm, Saturday, 26th October, 2002 – WAC veterans have received an invitation from Southwest Vets to attend a seminar with Bruce Tulloh and supporting speakers. Bruce Tulloh won British and European titles on the track and represented England at cross-country, he also held the record for the 3,000 mile run from Los Angeles to New York. He has been coaching since 1965 and has written for Runners World. Amongst the athletes he has coached are Richard Nerurkar (winner of the 1993 World Cup Marathon) and Mike Boit of Kenya (Commonwealth Games 800m winner), along with two current members of the current British cross-country team. He is the author of numerous books on running, including



(with Sue Tulloh) Running over Forty, which was published earlier this year. He has stated his hope/aim to run a marathon at the age of 100. Included will be talks by Bruce on training, and there will be sessions on nutrition and common injuries, plus videos about Kenya and the Kenyans – BRING RUNNING KIT AND/OR SWIMMING GEAR - Refreshments will be available on the day. All his experience should make for an interesting day. Tickets for this event cost £10 and are available from Dr Julian Kennedy, 133 Beaufort Road, Bournemouth, BH6 5AX, 01202-463922,


Leppins – Energy BoostBarbara has managed to obtain a free a 2kg drum of Leppins, Energy Boost-Fruitburst. This is sufficient to make 20 litres of sports drink. It is the powder version of Leppins Squeezy and is a long-chain carbohydrate drink mix designed to be taken any time to provide energy and to prevent glycogen from being depleted. It tastes significantly better than the Squeezy sachets. If you would like to try some of this, please contact me – it is something that I use all the time. Even when you have to pay for it, it represents much better value for money than most other energy drinks.


Wimborne AC on tour 2003 – Some ideas for discussionFor the past couple of years we have visited Valognes for the half marathon, the date for this race has now been confirmed as 6th April - the weekend before London. We could continue our annual visit to Valognes, and/or perhaps try one of the following alternatives – what do you think?


Cote de Vikings, Phare de Gatteville to St Vaast via Barfleur – A one-way half marathon that is held in early July, there is a 99% probability that it will be on 5th July - date to be confirmed next month - unfortunately if this date is confirmed it will be the same weekend as Portland 10, a Dorset League race. There is also a 6km race tied in with this event as well as some kids races. We have already discovered an excellent seafood restaurant in St Vaast, and Barfleur is also an attractive little town.

Race the train – Towyn, Mid-Wales – 16th August, 2003  race where you attempt to run to Abergynolwyn and back faster than the narrow gauge steam train. The race is about 14 miles, and our faster runners can definitely beat the train – but don’t think that it will be easy. There is also a 10km run linked to the main event.

Dublin Marathon – The probable date for this is the last weekend in October 2003. The main reason that this is on the list is due to an unguarded comment by Jackie Sainsbury in which she said she was never going to do another marathon - unless it was Dublin. So if you think Jackie should put her money where her mouth is, this is the one to go for. In its favour we have direct flights with Ryanair from Hurn to Dublin, and a flat course ideal for PBs. A big event with around 10,000 runners.  Any other suggestions or alternatives?


Dorset Road Race LeagueAnother three league races have taken place – Portland 10, Swanage 12 and New Forest Marathon. This leaves just Weymouth 10m (19/10/02), Gillingham 7.5m (3/11/02) and Boscombe 10k (24/11/02) to complete the series. Mark Hitchcott continued his good form in the Portland 10, being first Wimborne man home once again, every man counted for the team score as we had just five runners, we also managed to field a full ladies team, with Shirley Billington first in, backed up by Julie Mead and Denise Holden. John Guy also picked up a prize, he was the senior man - i.e. the oldest finisher and got an engraved glass for his efforts. Unfortunately my luck ran out here – and a calf strain blew my chances of a fidelity award for this year. Graham Starmer lead the WAC men home at Swanage, this race as usual took place on a Saturday causing the normal problems for the ladies in fielding a team. Even by marathon standards the New Forest marathon is a tough one, it never seems to get any easier. As I type this the feeling is only just returning to my legs and feet. It was a terrific team performance with a best-ever 6 WAC men and 2 WAC women completing the race, well done to all of you. (A full report on the race appears later in this newsletter.)  The only WAC runner still on for a fidelity award in 2002 is Andrew Kennedy, although Julie and Mark have only missed one race apiece. Our top place runner in the league is Mark (currently 18th) and for the ladies it is Julie (20th) both of them look unlikely to be caught by any of their team-mates.


Poole Runners Winter 5K Race Series – Geoff Scott has advised of dates for the new series, which once again is on out-and-back course from Boscombe Pier. The start time for all races is 7.15pm, with registration on the night from 6.45pm. The categories for men are, u-20, 20-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55, 59, 60-64, 65-70, 70+: and for the ladies, u-20, 20-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+. The minimum age for competitors is 13 for boys and 15 for girls. The series consists of six races, with four races to count towards a race series score. Here’s to some wild and windy nights down on the seafront through the winter.

The race dates are as follows:


Race 1:   Friday 25th October               Race 3:   Friday 13th Friday             Race 5:   Friday 7th February

Race 2:   Friday 15th November            Race 4:   Friday 17th January           Race 6:   Friday 28th March




Finally, Tim Harris has been away for the past year at Uni in Lancashire, and it’s a long way back to Wimborne to compete (and certainly to train!), he still has a few more years to go up there. While away he has worked hard on his running as well as his studies and continues to make great improvements, training locally with clubs up there. However, he has managed to get back a few times to run for us. On the track in particular he has lead by example in 2002, he was WAC mens’ team captain so will be greatly missed there, as well as for us road runners. As well as being a fine runner he is also a great team man, so let’s wish him well, and hopefully when circumstances permit we may see him running in red once more. We will leave the final word to Tim.                                                                                                                                             Ian


Over the last three years I have enjoyed competing for Wimborne on the track, cross-country and of course, the road. It’s been great to have team-mates who have supported and pushed me along so I would like to say a big thank you to you all.

There have been several highlights, but the one that sticks out the most has to be the whole Valognes experience. Both trips were fantastic! The hotel, the food, the drink and of course the racing were all a great experience. If it wasn’t for Valognes I wouldn’t need a trophy cabinet!

I thought it would be fitting to complete my final road race in a Wimborne vest at the Cranborne 10k, as like my time at the club, there were a lot more ups than downs! A tough race, as expected, but still enjoyable, and I managed to finish in my highest position in a road race, an overall seventh. I just hope the roads are a little flatter in the North-West.

So as I look forward to joining Wigan Harriers and demolishing personal bests, I would like to say a final big thank you to all at the club, goodbye, good luck and KEEP ON RUNNING!!                                                Tim


* * * * * * * * * *




Weymouth Half Ironman – 9th June 2002 (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run)

As this race was to take part on the Sunday, and registration was on the Saturday, Nikki and I decided it would be best to stay overnight in sunny Weymouth!!  Our B&B (top floor with an excellent sea view) was a 5 minute walk from the transition area, in the tennis courts, and right on the sea front.  Perfect.  So now the day I’ve been waiting for (and working towards) for nearly two years has arrived.  We both get rudely woken up by drunken skinny dippers at 3am and can’t get back to sleep.  An anxious nervousness starts to creep in – am I up to this; can I do it; am I ready yet; help.  We’re up by 5am and look out to a dry morning in Weymouth, the sea looks like a mill pond – flat calm.  Down to breakfast of toast, power bar, banana and muffins (Nikki has scrambled egg on toast – looks good, but not for me).  At 6:30am we set off to transition to set up the bike, making sure all my gels, power bars and food drinks are in place, as I’ll get through at least 2-3 bottles on a distance like this, and laying the running gear out.  After that the wetsuit goes on and I get my last instructions from my Coach, Scott, before heading to the sea for a quick warm up swim.  The sea is still very cold so wetsuits are definitely needed.  I’m in the second wave which is due to go at 7am.  We all get called to the start line and then - we’re off.  As usual in a swim start of 60 odd people there is plenty of kicking and hitting but it soon settles down as the large group splits, and I find myself in a small group of about six.  It’s an out and back course, and I have a good return leg, coming out of the swim in about 20th position.  Run up the steps to transition in around 33 minutes.  The wetsuit comes off easily and then into bike clothes (Nikki made me, very reluctantly, pack my arm warmers and gloves & tells me to have them with me on the bike – which, as it turns out, I’m very glad I did).  I’m now off on the bike course, heading out of Weymouth towards Dorchester, the course then goes to Bere Regis, back to Dorchester, then towards Wareham, as far as Winfrith, then back to Weymouth, past Osmington.  My Dad and Nikki usually tear round the countryside after me in the car and stop at various parts of the course to shout encouragement to me, and today I needed every bit of encouragement I could get.  The first 20 miles are good, but then it all changes.  The wind picks up and the heavens open.  The next 36 miles is not nice - getting colder and wetter with every pedal turn.  As I’m almost at transition I take my fourth Go gel but by now that comes straight back up (sorry folks).  Jump off the bike and run into transition, rack my bike, but by now I’m numb with cold and wet to the core.  The bike ride took two hours and 45 minutes.  I have problems focusing on what I have to do next, but I eventually get my running shoes on and all I’ve got to do now is a half marathon! and it’s now raining even harder.  This is a two lap course but by now I don’t run round, I sort of plod jog, just trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Again Nikki and my Dad are out on the course giving me support.  I also have support from my two Coaches, Scott & Di, plus my fellow team mates, Jules and Rabbers, who have both cycled out to support me.  I’m now in the second lap and it’s getting very tough but I finally cross the finish line very wet,  cold and tired.  It’s been five hours of pure hell, pain, agony, and finally joy.  What a day.  My half-marathon time was 1:45:00.  Total time taken was 5:00:16.  Now it’s roll on September 8th – that’s when I’m off to Llanberis to do this all again!!                                                                               Graham



St Catherine’s Relays - Saturday 10th August – We had a fantastic day up on the hill, in good weather. Each leg of the relay is 3.3 miles over sandy terrain, with a couple of nasty climbs which presents quite a challenge. We managed to field two men’s teams and a ladies’ team. The mens ‘A’ team did brilliantly, coming fourth out of 20, with only Poole Runners, Bournemouth AC and New Forest ahead of them. The team started with two very fast legs from Adrian Tranter and Max Lacy (first Junior Male), Max’s run had us placed second at that stage. They were backed up with solid performances from Steve Guy, Andy Brockway and Mark Hitchcott. This year’s ‘A’ team knocked nearly 8 minutes of last year’s time. The ‘B’ team also made a significant improvement (6 minutes and 15th place) on last year’s team time, with Phil Burgess getting the team off to a flying start. It was great to see Mike Merchant back in the fold, after two years away from running. Despite the long break Mike ran an excellent final leg, with a time second-only to Phil’s. It was good to see Derek Sainsbury racing again, an all too rare event this year. John Guy (second MV60) and I made up the team. I think that this is the first time that we have entered a ladies’ team. The team came 6th out of 11, and Saskia Eaton put in a great performance on the first leg (first senior lady) with determined performances from Kim Jolliffe and Jill Harsent on the middle legs, finishing with Barbara Frampton (second FV55). Well done to everyone who took part, and special thanks to Mark Hitchcott who sorted out team matters prior to the race while some of us were out learning the route.                                                         Ian


Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 (10/20/30/40km) & Potterne Park – 11th AugustThis event is a run rather than a race, there are no timekeepers or distance markers but there are water/refreshment stations. Walkers take part as well as runners. It starts from Salisbury Fire Station, each runner is given a card which has to be validated at each check point. Different colour cards are issued for those running different distances. WAC runners up for this one were Julie, Denise, Andrew and me. We opted for the 30km route and the run was used as one of our long runs in preparation for the forthcoming New Forest Marathon. The run leaves Salisbury heading towards Old Sarum (familiar territory for those of you who have done Wessex League cross-country). Once out in the country the route follows a circle taking in part of the Clarendon Way and then swinging south of Salisbury through a beautiful section passing Longford Castle, across to Odstock, then up to the racecourse before heading back in to the city. Instructions are issued and you follow the route with a map. You have to be careful not to get lost, indeed a group of runners who had passed us in the earlier stages, we saw heading back across the fields towards us having missed a turning over a stile – they ended up doing a few extra miles as a result. The run was a good confidence booster for us, as we all ran pretty comfortably. It was quite hard work with a few hilly sections, particularly the long drag up towards the racecourse. It was a great day out – perhaps we will try the 40km next time. The run was over, and a nice steady drive would get us to Potterne Park for the barbecue organised by Jackie Sainsbury in good time. The best laid plans . . . just outside Salisbury Denise’s car had a flat tyre . . . soon sort that out . . . think again. We couldn’t get one nut undone, big thanks are due to Nigel who rescued us and took us to the barbecue where we arrived a little later than hoped for. Even the AA didn’t know a man who could and the car was to spend a couple of days in Renault garage before it was finally sorted. As the day continued the fine weather in Salisbury of the morning had disappeared and we had a pretty damp afternoon. The four of us had missed the run through to Moors Valley and the weather was testing the resilience of those there. Well done to Sainsburys for organising the barbie and lets hope for better weather next summer.              Ian


Cranborne 10k – 26th August – A red letter day for WAC and for Saskia – as mentioned earlier, she won the ladies race. It is the first time I have done this race, I don’t see it a course where you are likely to get a 10k PB. There are few too many climbs on it, although none of them are particularly fierce. Saskia was not the only WAC runner who could be proud of their efforts. In a field of 114 runners, well done to Tim Harris (36:47) who came 7th, he is closing all the time on the elite runners in the county, with the likes of Mike Grist and Andy Clements among the few who could beat him on the day. Steve Guy’s current excellent form continues with a creditable time for this course of 40:37. Mark Hitchcott was going well up until about the 8km mark, he was lying 11th but was forced to pull up with a calf injury, this injury has subsequently interfered severely with his training for the New Forest Marathon. This race was also the road race debut for Mark Harris, who is 16, it is also the first time he has run as far as 10k in a race. Before the start Mark asked me what time I thought I would do, rather optimistically, I said ‘about 42 minutes’. Mark then told me of his plan, he was going to stick with me for the first 5k and then try and pull away in the latter part – this plan was one I only half-liked. As it turns out, at 5km Mark and I were running together, but gradually I started to pull away. Mark did manage to finish with a very spirited sprint finish. Quite clearly Mark is going to be a great asset to the road runners, he can already beat me over shorter distances on the track, and with the experience of this race and more to follow I sense he will soon be able to implement his plan. Also representing WAC were the Framptons and Tilaye Bailey in a thoroughly enjoyable race.                     Ian






Shillingstone Hill Run 5m – Dorset Hill Series Race 4 – 26th August – In a moment of madness Ian and I both decided to sprint from the start and were consequently leading the field as we turned through the gate at the start of the race. Pity we couldn't keep it up beyond that 30 metres. This was another lung-bursting run. The second mile is the killer. Just to show the contrast my split times were - 6:08, 10:22, 6:33, 6:22, 6:14. I did manage to run all the way up the hill in the second mile but it was like wading in treacle (not that I've ever done that). Graham put the rest of us to shame by coming in 7th having cycled all the way there. Ian had a good excuse as he'd run Cranborne in the morning - although that didn't prevent Andy Clements from coming 2nd in the morning at Cranborne and winning here at Shillingstone. WAC’s only lady on the day was also the only one of us to pick up a prize. Jill Harsent came home third lady vet. Well done.                     Jerry


The Beast – 1st September I love these multi-terrain cross-country races of no fixed distance (but about 14/15 miles in this case), of which this is a classic example. I have only done this race once before, as it is usually too close to the New Forest Marathon to do both comfortably. My first attempt was last year, when the route was compromised by the Foot & Mouth restrictions, which denied us the most scenic and the hardest part of the route. Surprisingly there were only four Wimborne runners, Guy x 2and Kennedy x 2. It was a beautiful day, some might say a little too good for running. The route starts from Corfe Castle winding its way over to the Dorset Coast path, Chapman’s Pool and those notorious steps, can there be a steeper section in a race then the second set of steps anywhere? (174 of them, I am told by John Guy). Heading back from the coast we skirt Kingston village before returning to Corfe. I spoke to Andy Clements at the end of the race and was re-assured to hear that even the race leaders don’t run up these steps. Steve ran superbly, and I felt that I had run my best race for some considerable time.                                                  Ian


Half Ironman, Llanberis, Wales – 8th September – 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, 13.1 mile runThe weekend has arrived that I have been waiting for, and working towards, for the last year.  I couldn’t do last year’s race because of injury, but at the beginning of this year I was taken on as a coached athlete by the Triathlon Club, Team Synergie, that I have been with for the last two years, and I’m sure that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Scott & Di, my coaches, as well as my chiropractor, physio and Nikki.  During the past year I have worked to a strict training schedule, and I have come into the race with a positive mind and feeling fit. Some examples of the training I have done to get me here are:

        Do 2700 metres swim set in the morning and in the afternoon ride from Verwood to Boscombe, run

          David Lloyd Half Marathon then ride home.

          Then the day after do a one and a half hour bike ride followed by a 30 minute run.

Another was to ride to Portland, 48 miles, run the Portland 10, then ride home, another 48 miles.

Before going back to the race weekend, on the Thursday at registration I was given three plastic bags which we had to label ‘bike’, ‘run’ and ‘dry’ and put in the respective clothes relevant for each event.  On the Saturday we went to transition, which was set up in a slate quarry car park, where we racked our bikes and left them overnight.  We also had to hand in the two bags marked ‘bike’ and ‘run’ which would also be stored in transition. But because of the weather forecast for the day of the event I had to make sure that my bike and bags were protected against the rain as best as possible as everything was to be left outside.  Having done this Jules, my team mate, who was also competing, and I, headed off to Caernarfon for our race briefing which was held in the indoor tennis court of the local Sports Centre.  All 1400 competitors had to attend so that we could be told about the race rules and regulations, what you were and were not allowed to do on race day, and all this was followed by a Pasta Party, which included pasta, bread rolls, bananas, apples and drinks – so I definitely had some of that!!  Then myself, Nikki, Scott, Di and Jules went for a pre-race meal in a lovely little restaurant called Molly’s, down a little cobbled side street near the castle.  We then all went back to Llanberis, where we all were staying, for some well-needed shut-eye.

RACE DAY IS HERE.  The alarm goes off at 4:30am.  Through the window I can see ……. typical English weather – RAIN, not a shower but very, very heavy rain.  We go down for breakfast and all I have is an energy bar, banana, toast, muffin and a bottle of PSP energy drink.  After breakfast we meet up with Jules and head off to transition.  It’s not raining now, but that doesn’t last long.  The 1400 bikes all lined up ready to go, is quite a sight.  I go off to check my bike and remove the covers, thankfully my computer stayed dry over-night.  I put some puff in my tyres and put the three bottles of energy drink in their cages – just then the heavens opened up again and we got soaked.  Jules and I head off to the changing marquee and put our now very wet clothes in our dry bag! and put our wetsuits on.  The first wave of 700 competitors had already started at 7am.  My start time is 7:15am.  As we move down to the edge of the lake I’m getting more and more nervous because I have never encountered an event this big first-hand – and it’s scary – but at the same time I am looking forward to it eagerly.  We enter the lake, which surprisingly isn’t cold.  We are called to the start line in which we are all treading water and then – WE’RE OFF.  I have never been in a start group this big before and, as usual, the first few minutes feels like you are in a washing machine, but it soon settles down as the bunch breaks up.  The course is a straight out and back.  Heading back to the finish you can see the markers for the end of the swim, so I focus on these and I start to think of T1 (transition from



swim to bike).  Out of the lake and run down to T1.  Shout your number, grab your bike kit and run round the car park to the marquee.  Wetsuit off, bike gear on.  Remember to breathe.  Total swim time 32:25.  Time for T1 6:54.  Run out of the marquee, find your bike and run with it to mount point.  We’re now on the bike course – and oh boy what a course.  Oh, and by the way, it’s pissing down again.

The first quarter is what I would call undulating.  However we soon get to the first big test of the course.  It’s a three mile climb, reach the summit, down the other side, then turn left onto a four mile climb, not too steep, just a steady climb.  Once I’ve conquered that it’s more undulations back into Llanberis where a huge crowd has gathered, cheering everyone on.  So I now head into T2 (transition from bike to run).  Oh, and by the way, it’s not raining now – hooray!!  Jump off the bike, have the bike taken from me, shout my number, grab my run bag, run round into the marquee, out of bike gear, into run clothes.  Bike time 2:43:16.  T2 was 3:03. 

On to the run. My coach, Scott, described the run to me before this event as, six miles up and six miles down.  He wasn’t wrong.  We left Llanberis and headed uphill through the Llanberis Pass, and it just kept on going up hill.  It was tough and I’m not afraid to admit that I had to walk a couple of times as I went up.  When I reached the top I took on plenty of fluid and some energy gels.  Funnily enough I was looking forward to coming done, but that was worse than going up.  It took its toll on my right knee, I could feel it start to tighten up so I had to stop and stretch it out before heading on down this steep hill.  Arrived back in Llanberis to plenty of support from everyone.  The hardest part though was going along the main road through the town to see the finish banner just off it on one of the side streets.  We had to run about a half a mile out and then dog-leg back to the finish.  I have to admit that I crossed the finish line very disappointed.  I had set myself a goal but didn’t achieve it – by a mere eleven minutes.  But words of wisdom from Scott, Di, Nikki and Jules changed my mind – IT WAS ONE HELL OF A COURSE AND I’M PROUD THAT I FINISHED IT.  Run time 1:45:38.  Total time – 5:11:18.                                                                                                Graham


Great South Run – 8th September It's been quite a few years since I last did this. It's bigger now. They claimed to have filled the 10,000 places but according to the results there was around 7,500 finishers. The course is slightly different. It's been altered so that when you loop back at half way you go back across the start line. I got a lift down with Shirley and David Clegg from Egdon. We were very lucky with the weather - not too hot or windy - so with such a flat course it was ideal conditions. David wasn't so lucky with the race - unfortunately he pulled up with a sharp pain in his knee. I managed to hang onto Sonia O'Sullivan for 1.5 seconds before she opened up a big, actually very big, gap. PBs for both of us although disappointingly for me I didn't make Athletics Weekly. 51:00 for Sonia (world record). 64:33 for Jerry (world record for someone called Jerry Shield living in Wimborne). Shirley had a good run with 77:34.                                              Jerry


Wimborne Triathlon – 22nd September I don’t know which was worse, waking up late, feeling decidedly under the weather, or being interrupted at 7.45 am whilst trying to put the chain back on my bike (looking dishevelled and without make up by the way) by someone who I hadn’t seen for 18 years!  I can hear it now ‘Saw Kim, she’s not looking good’.  If that wasn’t enough for the time of day which I normally spend in bed, the pool was too hot and I hadn’t selected the right swimming category so kept bumping into folk.  The good bit was I was out of the pool first in my group.  The bad bit was I spent an age ‘transitioning’ and was caught up and passed by every member of my group!  Unlike the swim, once dressed and ready to go, the bike went swimmingly.  That is, I spent the first ten miles catching a few people, with one chap in black in my sights who I was intent on catching.  Then the fourth disaster of the morning occurred at Sturminster roundabout.  With the man in black well within my reach, I heard a loud bang. I dismounted the bike believing I could hear my tyre rapidly deflating, but nothing.  After a couple of minutes of trying to work out what happened I got back on the bike and finished the course (behind the man in black).  A slightly better transition I set off on the run only to discover that someone had sawn my legs off from the knees down.  My mistake; it turned out they were there all the time, they’d just stopped working!  At about 9.30 am however things finally began to improve. I took over lots of people on the run, including the man in black who was completely oblivious to the significance of the event.  Alas, I didn’t get to catch Nigel as was my aim, but we were both very pleased to have completed a great fun event in PBs!  Oh yes, and the tyre did deflate, just slowly, not rapidly (is that lucky or unlucky?). I defy anyone out there to give me any better reasons for never being seen in public before 9.30 am on a Sunday!                                                                                        Kim


New Forest Marathon – 22nd September This date has been etched in my mind for most of the year, and in some ways there is a degree of relief now it is all over – a feeling presumably shared by everyone else who took part.  As a course the marathon is pretty flat for 18 miles – but the section from there to about 23 miles (Brockenhurst to Tiptoe) I don’t want to talk about. As a team Wimborne AC did the business – with eight finishers – and I don’t know how many of you were at the Hare & Hounds at Sway (it’s hard to put into words how much it means when you get that huge cheer there) – but there wasn’t a better supported team out there. Jerry was first in, just a few minutes outside his PB on this monster of a course, then in came Steve who beat his PB (by the small matter of 75 minutes). Mark for once had to follow team-mates in, in



what was his first-ever marathon, his performance had been compromised by a foot injury in the weeks leading up to the race, and it was a tremendous achievement that he turned out for the team despite these setbacks, and once there, stuck at it. I am sure that Mark will go under three hours in the future. I was next in, just creeping in under 4 hours which was disappointing (I ran 30 mins faster last year), but there will be another day. Andrew was next home in his first ever marathon, none the worse for the ordeal. Julie and Denise finished together looking great on the final approach to the finish line, with Julie knocking 30 minutes of her PB and it was Denise’s second best marathon. Finally cool as you like, sauntering up to the line was John – who looked as if he had only just started out – and was looking extremely comfortable. There is a good picture in the Evening Echo showing John and Steve amongst those at the start. I have now run in this race for four out of the last five years – I think it might to be time to say never again to this one – unless off course it reappears in the league calendar at some stage in the future. I fancy spending some time in the Hare & Hounds next year – I wouldn’t even care if the beer was flat! My PB for a marathon was set on this course last year and I am sure that I can improve on it on a more sympathetic course. With this in mind my entry for London in 2003 has already gone off in the post, and Dublin could be a possibility too!                 Ian


New Forest Half Marathon – 22nd SeptemberEarlier in the day we had seen the start of the Half Marathon in New Milton. WAC men had a couple of speed merchants in this one, with the two Adrians (Mead and Tranter). Adrian Tranter ran in his first-ever half marathon, finished 10th (!) and got an outstanding time. Now that there is an ‘r’ in the month it’s good to see Adrian Mead with his running shoes back on again – even if they are purple! (Moral of this tale: Never buy a pair of running shoes in the dark!)  It was also important race for the WAC ladies, with Jill and Lee, up for it. Jill is still piling up the miles in preparation for the Clarendon Way Marathon in a few weeks time, so she had already done a six mile run earlier in the day. The two ladies ran together all the way, and for Lee in her first Half Marathon, this must have felt a bit like a baptism of fire, as the Half Marathon also includes that nasty sting in the tail – the Brockenhurst-Tiptoe section. Well done to all of you.                                                                                                                     Ian



Fordingbridge Fire Station 10k – 5th May 2002


Simon Tattersall (38th)



Portland 10m – 7th July 2002

Shirley was 3rd in her category. Royal Manor of Portland AC also produce age-graded results. Positions based on age-grading are shown in the last column alongside the times.


Mark Hitchcott (24st)



Graham Starmer (47th)



Jerry Shield (93rd)



Shirley Billington (120th)



Andrew Kennedy (130th)



John Guy (154th)



Julie Mead (176th)



Denise Holden (196th)




Poole Runners Summer Series (3.5m)

– Upton House – 12th July 2002



Tilaye Bailey (74th)




Frank Bailey (32nd)



New Forest 10m – 14th July 2002


John Guy (261st)



Dorset Hill Series Race 3: Tarrant Valley 10 –

14th July 2002


Jerry Shield (28th)


Steve Guy (36th)


Andrew Kennedy (58th)


Ian Kennedy (73rd)


Julie Mead (85th)


Jill Harsent (94th)


Denise Holden (98th)



Poole Runners Summer Series (3.3m)

– Willett Arms – 19th July 2002


Mark Hitchcott (10th)



Swanage 12m – 27th July 2002


Graham Starmer (21st)


Steve Guy (34th)


Ian Kennedy (48th)


Andrew Kennedy (51st)


Brian Lincoln (59th)


John Guy (60th)



Summer Series (3.5m) – Upton House – 2nd August 2002


Mark Hitchcott (13th)


Andy Brockway (24th)


Danny Light (82nd)



Sturminster Half Marathon – 4th August 2002


Steve Guy (43rd)


Jerry Shield (45th)


Ian Kennedy (96th)


Andrew Kennedy (97th)


John Guy (138th)


Julie Mead (150th)



St Catherine’s Relays – 10th August 2002


‘A’ team

Adrian Tranter


Max Lacy


Steve Guy


Andy Brockway


Mark Hitchcott


Total team time


‘B’ team

Phil Burgess


Derek Sainsbury


Ian Kennedy


John Guy


Mike Merchant


Total team time


Ladies team

Saskia Eaton


Kim Jolliffe


Jill Harsent


Barbara Frampton


Total team time



Summer Series (3.3m) – Willett Arms – 16th August 2002


Mark Hitchcott (4th)


Tilaye Bailey (80th)



Cranborne 10k – 26th August 2002

Saskia was first lady, Mark Harris’s first road race.


Tim Harris (7th)


Steve Guy (17th)


Saskia Eaton (19th) (1st)


Ian Kennedy (48th)


Mark Harris (51st)


Norman Frampton (84th)


Tilaye Bailey (86th)


Barbara Frampton (96th)



Shillingstone Hill Run 5m – 26th August 2002


Graham Starmer (7th)


Jerry Shield (11th)


Ian Kennedy (32nd)


Jill Harsent (42nd)



The Beast – 1st September 2002


Steve Guy (56th)


Ian Kennedy (105th)


Andrew Kennedy (134th)


John Guy (212th)



Ladies 5k – Poole Park – 3rd September 2002


Tilaye Bailey (56th)


Barbara Frampton (63rd)



Great South Run – 8th September 2002


Jerry Shield (209th) (PB)


Shirley Billington (1188th)



Littledown 5m – 15th September 2002


Steve Guy (33rd)


John Guy (106th)


Tilaye Bailey (136th)



New Forest Marathon – 22nd September 2002

The men finished as third team in the league, behind Poole AC and Littledown, the ladies went one better, finishing second behind Littledown – well done Julie and Denise.


Jerry Shield (42nd) – (League position 13th)


Steve Guy (78th) – (LP 18th)


Mark Hitchcott (124th) – (LP 21st)


Ian Kennedy (172nd) – (LP 25th)


Andrew Kennedy (251st) – (LP 28th)


Julie Mead (275th) – (LP 5th)


Denise Holden (276th) – (LP 6th)


John Guy (276th) – (LP 31st)



New Forest Half Marathon – 22nd September 2002


Adrian Tranter (10th)


Adrian Mead (31st)


Jill Harsent (1091st)


Lee Longmore (1092nd)



Don’t forget, keep scribbling, any news for the next newsletter gratefully received.






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Blandford Tower

1/2 Marathon

J. Cocherty, 19 Gunville Down Road, Blandford, Dorset, DT11 8AX.

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13 Oct


Gold Hill 9.5k

The Race Co-ordinator, Toby’s Youth Project, 2 Bimport, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8AT.




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Hardley a Half

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Tel:  01747-852257




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Lytchett 10

Lytchett 10, Race Secretary, 69 Sandy Lane, Upton, Poole, BH16 5EJ




02 Mar


March Hare 20m

Race Secretary, 66 Stony Lane, Burton, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 7LE.




9 Mar







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Sherborne Castles 10k

Event to be confirmed.




6 Apr


Valognes 1/2m





13 Apr


London Marathon or 0207-9020189




19 Apr


David Lloyd 1/4m

Proposed date. Easter Saturday.





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